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Itacaré group

About us

We are a national and sustainable development company focused primarily on the territory of Bahia, with several projects spread across this state, especially in the southern region where Itacaré and Peninsula de Maraú are located.

Based on a team with vast national and international experience, our priority is, and always will be, meeting our customers’ expectations of comfort, well-being, innovation, legal and patrimonial security; as well as fundamental respect for the environment, local culture and the resident communities where we operate, in addition to mandatory operational transparency and good administrative and financial governance practices.

Our projects are capitalized on several economic segments, such as: infrastructure, development, environmental services and solutions, environmental services and solutions and citizen service, with focus in vip sustainable farm, lands & villas.

What We Can
Do For You


Ensure a high level of excellence in the management of our products and services, working focused on the needs of customers, employees and society, thus obtaining better results for all involved.

With a multidisciplinary team with vast experience in works in Brazil and abroad, formed by project managers, architects, landscape planners, etc. it is absolutely subjective - which is the dream in the way that the client imagined... In this way, this pleasant challenge moves us, shapes us and makes us directed, and focused, in the search for innovation, always a few steps ahead of our time. .. In the present time, we understand that we are already the future.

Our mission is to work, live and ensure that the client's dream becomes a reality in a fast, economical, safe and sustainable way.


- Respect in Relationships;
- Focus on the result;
- Commitment to Quality;
- Boldness with Responsibility;
- Dedication to Excellence;
- Security in the smallest details;
- Respect for the Environment;
- Social responsibility;

Our team

Tharita Cherulli


Becoming the CEO of an International Institutional Gold Purchasing Group did not happen overnight, it has humble beginnings yet a clear vision to generate value. My first project was a website for cars (carro which was truly ahead of its time when cars were not bought & sold online like they are today.

I used to hear comments like: “this will not work, internet isn’t the best” Not long afterwards Webmotors came online & it is still a success!

Bernardo Roberto

COO - (Chief Operating Officer) Project Manager.

Professional with 40 years of experience in Architecture (Corporate/Residential), Interior Architecture, Construction and Furniture Design.

Maria Luz

CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)

Maria Luz is the Commercial Director of Itacaré Group. Working for 30 years in the national and international commercial area, with passages at ESPM Propaganda e Marketing – SP and at USP in the area of ​​Biochemistry, with extensive experience in consulting international contracts and representing foreign companies in the national territory.

Mariana Godoy


Architect, graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts of São Paulo. She has been working with the contemporary generation for 30 years, spreading modernist trends. She designs large projects such as condominiums, hotels, piers and also intimate projects such as concept houses, apartments and innovative interiors.
Her works have simple shapes and are designed from conception and sized with extreme care and attention to detail to complete completion.

Carole Urtin Galvani

Representative Itacare Group IN FRANCE

The best service for 18 years for a demanding clientele in France for the group Lyreco, Follow-up, loyalty and development are my strengths. My relationships, my travels, my responsiveness, as well as my altruism allow me today to do best for you.

Stelvio Bruni

Business Developer & Executive Sales - Bahia - Brazil

Business Developer and Commercial Consultant of Real State, Investment opportunities.


Ary Brandão

Representative Itacare Group IN PORTUGAL

Exclusive customers are provided with a tailor-made service with the aim of providing the customer with the best home buying experience.
In a market with strong competition, we apply very strict analysis criteria and access to the most appealing real estate assets on the market.
Traditional real estate mediation, using the common real estate market, focusing on the Lisbon and Cascais area.

Marina Arashiro


Architect graduated in Architecture and Urbanism from Centro Universitário Metodista Izabela Hendrix (Belo Horizonte) in 2017, with a sandwich degree from the University of Lincoln in 2014 (England) and technician in buildings from CEFET-MG (2010) and entrepreneur in the hospitality sector.
She has worked in several offices since 2010, with experience in commercial, corporate and residential architecture and interior projects; and licensing and regularization of real estate.

J. Pompeo

A J.Pompeo Botânica Ornamental nasceu em 1974 com o Sr. José Pompeo, que fundou a Flora Tropical na cidade de Limeira/SP.
Em 1999 iniciamos o fornecimento e plantio de espécimes adultos, sendo umas das empresas pioneiras no transplante dessas incríveis plantas aqui no Brasil, plantando essas maravilhas em residências, shoppings, prédios comerciais, etc
Ao longo de todo esse tempo desenvolvemos as melhores técnicas de preparo, logística e instalação, fazendo que o sucesso do plantio e o efeito imediato sejam cada vez mais certos e que nossos clientes tenham satisfação garantida com os resultados e também confiança no transplante e pagamento das plantas.

Yamandu Biofilia e Paisagismo

Founded by a couple of Biologists in 2009, has been based in Itacaré/BA since 2019. We offer our experienced team for planning and implementing gardens and similar spaces, combining stylistic qualities, botanical knowledge and good socio-environmental practices. We are well known for considering the biophilia (love for life in all its forms) as our major guideline.


ARINEOS builds on its own experience as a family office investor with a vast portfolio of real estate assets. As a very early adopter of energy efficiency we have already realized significant cost savings and increased the value of the portfolio. We have conducted numerous BREEAM certifications for assets and portfolios.

Our clients appreciate our focus on quick financial returns and our investment-led philosophy.

Since 2010, we have trained engineers from renowned universities to deal with a wide range of asset classes in real estate and shipping. Our added value is our specific knowledge in creating a fast return for our clients. 

Lima Souza

Construtora Consultancy in Mining and Environmental

It believes that specialized and certified quality monitoring is essential to change the perspective of mining, environmental and civil construction processes and procedures.

Following this perspective, experience, effectiveness, speed and commitment are expressive characteristics that guarantee our performance throughout the national territory, providing a differentiated service, closely monitoring the specific demands of our customers.

Murilo Santos

Civil engineer

Specialist in Italian construction technology (Panel Monolitico)
bio construction
conceptual projects
3D Architectural
interior design

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