Located on the seafront in the stunning Barra Grande, this guesthouse presents a unique investment opportunity in one of the most privileged locations in the region.

  • 10 mts from the beach – 30 mts from the vila.
  • Rooms with bathroom -10 suits

With a total built area, this establishment offers a wide range of facilities, including an elegant restaurant measuring 144.91 m2, a comfortable residence measuring 166.49 m², a welcoming reception measuring 20.45 m² and a range of spacious rooms, from luxurious suites measuring 94.57 m². m2 to 161.13 m2 to more compact accommodations.

The well-equipped bathrooms ensure guests’ comfort, while the generous open area with a waterfall pool provides a peaceful environment to relax and enjoy the natural beauty around. With a total free area of 3629.05m2, this guesthouse is an unmissable opportunity for investors and entrepreneurs looking for an exclusive property by the sea.