Total Property 8 Km of Beachfront, 2 Islands and 302 Ha



Location: Ilha de Comandatuba – Puchim – Canavieiras – Bahia. It is located 100 km from Ilhéus Airport.

111 km away from Ilhéus, it has excellent access via Br 101, through Santa Luzia, passing through beautiful cocoa farms, and lush forests, the municipality of Canavieiras already received passenger and cargo ships in its port as a summer station in the last century. of people from the imperial nobility and an important warehouse on the cacao coast. Considered the richest bass fishery in the country, it is currently home to the international ocean fishing crown that takes place in November, attracting fishermen from all over the world who come in search of the coveted blue Marlim. The immense platform called the Royal Charlotte Bank is located 25 miles away from the coast, where the refluxes of the currents cause great concentrations of fish species ranging from “sail fisch”, marlin, sea bass, dorado, flying fish etc …

The city offers a rich and tasty cuisine mainly based on seafood, with crab and sea bass being regional specialties. The old center restored in a magnificent ambience of the river with the sea in a privileged geographical area creates an exceptional peculiarity, which has already transformed the city into one of the highlights of the Bahian summer. The northeastern coast of Brazil, paradisiacal in nature, has twelve months of sunshine a year, constant temperature around 30 degrees centigrade, a well distributed airport infrastructure, and the Comandatuba Island houses the Transamérica hotel to the north, with excellent structure five stars. We highlight as extremely important the airport that serves the island with regular commercial flights, (Runway 2.4 km) distant from the island in a straight line over the river channel 1 km. The city of Canavieiras is 15 km from this. The BA 001 coastal road is 5km away.

The town of Una is 10 km away. The city of Ilhéus, is 70 km away, with its airport and its large draft port. The region’s high population, its historical props, its cultural attributes and its geographic predicates evaluated to the sum of the structural condition, led us to choose the Comandatuba river channel to the south of Comandatuba island, a perfect natural shelter for leisure coastal navigation. We also emphasize the document that contains the fundamental guidelines for the coastal development of the State, which is the nautical route of the coast of Bahia, a magnificent program of coordinators developed by CENAB (Nautical Center of Bahia), establishing a panoramic view of the potential that the coastal areas allow develop.


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