This place have space for developments and is open for it! 

The enterprise has nineteen years of hotel operation, predominating characteristics of excellent location and implantation in a wide area in the city of Ituberá, with a good construction standard, good hosting capacity, and functionality in addition to a very good standard of maintenance, among other benefits that can be observed during this presentation and in scheduled visits to the property.

It is a differentiated development, implanted in a consolidated Tourist Region in terms of
of regional and national flow in land with differentiated location that adds up to 53,170
m2 where the hotel is located and built-up areas totaling 870 m2, 60m3 of swimming pool and 2,887 m2 of dam, comprising 12 housing units (with capacity for 36 people), breakfast room and restaurant with à la carte service carte, bar, natural water pool, waterfall, event space for 50 people, aquarium, waterfall, trail. In terms of service areas pantry, kitchen, laundry and reception.

Main Attractions:
Pancada Grande Waterfall:
One of the most beautiful on the Brazilian coast, the waterfall is within the limits of a Environmental Protection Area – APA and is one of the most important ecotourism attractions Of region. Near the base of the waterfall are the ruins of the engine room of a old hydroelectric plant.
As you travel along a stretch of dirt road, you can see from afar, between the
Atlantic Forest vegetation, the beautiful 40-meter-high waterfall. There are also
an access to the upper part of the waterfall, where there is a belvedere, from where you can see along the coast, rubber tree plantations and forests in the region.
Castro Alves Waterfall: The waterfall is located in an urban area, in the city of Ituberá, on one of the stretches of the Rio dos Turtles, which gives it a very special feature, as it combines the exuberance of the nature with man-made constructions.

How to get:
Take the BA-OO1 towards Ituberá, follow 600 ms until the junction giving access to
Pratigi Beach; continue for 21 km, on a paved road (built in 1998)
(On the Pratigi road, 15 km away is Jatimane, a quilombola community,
Pratigi – The coconut grove dominates the landscape of this almost deserted beach, with white sand and
slim. There are only a small fishing village, an inn, a camping and
beach huts. The extensive stretch of beach allows for long walks to Barra dos
Carvalhos, towards the north, and towards the beaches of the south. (where tours can be made
bike and/or buggy to Barra de Serinha, covering about 18km along the beach
enjoying a unique feeling and envisioning wonderful landscapes like the tip of the
extinguish fire)


Project Expansion Capacity

Considering the areas buildings, swimming pool and dam, there is a total of 3,800 m2, if we consider a factor of 50% of setbacks, sidewalks, paths, etc, arrives at an area of 5,700 m2.
In this way, 47,470 m2 would remain – as the hotel is located in an environmental area
80% of this area “balance” could receive new improvements – housing units,
social and leisure spaces, etc., that is, 38,000 m2.

It is worth noting that the development has been approved by the city hall of Ituberá
project for another 12 apartments, which is part of this sale.
From a qualitative point of view, it is suggested to change all TVs to LED, change the
split air conditioners, placement of spring mattresses,
deck pool, etc. Notwithstanding these possibilities, a broad market and viability that guarantees investor security in new deployments are structural, management, service or equipment and furniture.