It is located in the area of Povoação, on the bank of the Contas River that flows into the city of Itacare, 8 minutes by speedboat 4 km away, by car it is 7 km from the city center, remember that there is access by car and by speedboat across the river of bills :

Farm has 99% potable water source, Atlantic forest index above the necessary and in perfect conditions, without deforestation, gravel, sand, coarse and fine, a house that is meters from the bank of the river De conta, house with a suite, 2 bedrooms, a guest bathroom, kitchen and living room… single-phase and three-phase energy, a stream that runs through the property… farm corresponds to approximately 27 hectares…

Documentation , CCIR , ITR , CEFIR CAR , Geo referencing Scripture , Certificate of full content .

Property Features

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